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Deloro Stellite®32

HS Code :
Synonym :
Origin : USA
Packing : 5 kgs/Bottle
Molecular Formula :
Molecular Weight :
Appearance :
Status : Commercial
deloro stellite
deloro stellite2
deloro stellite3
deloro stellite1



Stellite’s™ cobalt base alloys are available as cobalt rods, cobalt electrodes, cobalt wire and cobalt powder. Cobalt alloys are used primarily for wear applications, our cobalt alloys can be applied by any known fusion welding process or HVOF spraying process and are particularly well-suited for hardfacing applications. Cobalt alloys are the most widely used wear resistant hard facing materials available. Their unique combination of wear resistance, strength and corrosion resistance make them adaptable to many harsh environments. Cobalt alloys are selected for their excellent resistance to the widest combination of wear types including adhesive wear, abrasion, erosion, contact fatigue, thermal shock, cavitations wear, corrosion and oxidation. The degree to which the cobalt alloys retain these properties assures their unique position in the wear technology field.

Used in repair and pre-protection of spiracle, valve seats, blade and spiral push rods, etc.

Used to make various liquid valves , valve seats, water turbine blade, hot forging die, etc.

Used for repair and pre-protection of outlet valve sealing surface and valve sear of internal combustion engines

Used in saw teeth pre-protection and repair, and used to make shear blade, spiral push rods, etc.