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Methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose, also known as MHEC and Methylcellulose, is a thickening agent used in paints and coatings. The chemical compound can help prevent paint from sagging and dripping when it dries. The combination can also help provide the color with extra adhesion, making it helpful in constructing buildings. MHEC is commonly used as a thickening agent in decorative paints. Decorative paints are not as strong as structural paints, so they need thickening agents to help them adhere to walls and other surfaces without breaking apart or peeling away. MHEC provides water resistance to decorative paints, making it more difficult for walls to become damaged by exposure to water. It also helps make paint that has been applied easier to clean.

Wrapping Up

The most significant methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose uses include its use in the production of adhesives, cosmetics, paper and textiles, pharmaceuticals, paint, and a host of other industrial applications.


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