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N,N- Bis Trimethylsilyl Urea

  • By-product is urea
  • Used for alcohols and acids
  • Used in synthesis of penicillins and cephalosporins
  • Nafion SAC-13 has been shown to be a recyclable catalyst for the trimethylsilylation of primary, secondary, and tertiary alcohols in excellent yields and short reaction times

Synonym :BSU;Urea, TMS;Hexamethyl disilaurea;BIS(TRIMETHYLSILYL)UREA;1,3-Bis(trimethylsilyl);1,3-Bis(trimethylsilyl)urea;N,N’-Di(trimethylsilyl)urea;1,1-bis(triMethylsilyl)urea;N,N’-BIS(TRIMETHYLSILYL)UREA;Ureylenebis(trimethylsilane)

N,N′-Bis(trimethylsilyl) urea
  • Used as a protecting group for reactive hydrogens in alcohols, amines, thiols, and carboxylic acids. Organosilanes are hydrogen-like, can be introduced in high yield, and can be removed under selective conditions. They are stable over a wide range of reaction conditions and can be removed in the presence of other functional groups, including other protecting groups.


  • Silazane is any hydride of silicon and nitrogen having a straight or branched chain of silicon and nitrogen atoms joined by covalent bonds. By extension, the word is also used for any organic derivative of such compounds. They are analogous to siloxanes, with -NH- replacing -O-. Their individual name is dependent on the number of silicon atoms in the chemical structure. 1,3-Bis(trimethylsilyl)urea is an effective silylating agent. It is used in the pharmaceutical and in the chemical industry.

N,N- Bis Trimethylsilyl Urea

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